How To Buy

How do I place an order?

You only have to follow these simple steps:

1. Create an account

2. Choose the item that you want and add to cart

3. Go to your cart and double check your items

4. Click Checkout button

5. Choose or key in address for your billing details and delivery details

6. Choose your delivery option and leave a comment for us if you want

7. Choose your payment method

8. Confirm order

9. Make payment

10. Wait patiently for your item to arrive at your doorstep

Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

Yes, you will! An order confirmation with order summary will be sent to you via Email right after you have placed your order with a successful transaction.

I have ordered and confirmed payment with SinmaShop. What should I do next?

Well, you are all caught up! All that is left to do now is wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep.

On the side note, you will be receiving an Order Number and a confirmation email upon a successful transaction. You may also use the Order Number to track the progress of your order depending on the courier given and as a reference to our Customer Service Representative given if you have any further inquiries regarding your order.

How can I order without an account on SinmaShop website?

We strongly advise you to sign up a SinmaShop account before making any purchases. Some discount codes only applicable if you are logged in to your SinmaShop account and we do not want you to miss out on our special discounts and promotions. Click here to sign up! It will only take you 2 minutes. However, needless to worry, you absolutely can order on SinmaShop without an account:

  1. Choose the product you want and proceed to checkout.
  2. At Checkout Options, choose the guest checkout

Can I call SinmaShop to place an order?

Sorry but we do not offer such services and all order can be place online hassle free.

How to remove an item in your shopping cart?

Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

An order confirmation with order summary will be sent to you through email right after you have placed your order.

We will also send email notifications to keep you updated frequently on your order status.

I am unable to add my selected item to my cart, why is this happening?

Your selected item might have a limited stock quantity. If you are unable to select the item to your cart, there are high chances that someone else already did and the product is now out of stock. Kindly refresh the page after¬ for the stock to be updated and you may try again.

I have selected an item to my cart earlier but it has disappeared from my cart and I couldn’t find the item anymore?

If your chosen item has disappeared from your cart, it is most probably because it has run out of stock. Please refresh your page after 30-60 minutes for the stock to be updated. If the product still shows “in stock” but you couldn’t purchase it, please contact us for further verification.

If I added the item to my cart, does it confirm my booking on that item?

When you added your desired item to the cart, it does not guarantee your booking of the item. If you do not proceed to checkout and made payment immediately, your item still is subjected to change in stock, price, and discounts rule.