Premium Tissues

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(Set with 12 packs) Original Wood Pulp Tissue Papers (Blue)

Soft napkin and toilet paper, suitable for mother and baby Set with 12 packs per purchase Size perpack: 115mm X 170mm (4 layers perpulls, 65 pulls) ..


(Set with 18 packs) Original Wood Pulp Toilet Rolls (Smiling Face)

Soft toilet paper (Slim roll)Set with 18 packs per purchaseSize perpaper: 120mm X 100mm (4 Layers)Product Details:Soluble in waterQuickly absorb wate..


(Set with 3 packs) Original Wood Pulp Pocket Tissues (Smiling Face)

Soft tissue paperSet with 3 packs per purchase(1 pack with 10 small pocket tissues )Size perpack: 210mm X 210mm (3 layers perpulls, 8 pieces)Product D..