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AnakMisi Package SET comes with 3 products

1.  AnakMisi Multipurpose Sanitiser (100ml)

2. AnakMisi Multipurpose Baby Cream (60ml)

3. FREE AnakMisi Multipurpose Sanitiser (60ml)

AnakMisi Multipurpose Baby Cream is developed with the latest technology, using morocco argan oil and several natural plant extract. Its development is to help all mummies to resolve their children's common skin infection-related issues like inflammation, eczema, rashes, sensitive skin and many more. AnakMisi Multipurpose Baby Cream is formulated free from steroids, heavy metals, micro-organisms antibiotics, and other irritating ingredients, to enable mummy to buy with a peace of mind and your baby can use comfortably. This is the belief and standard that we adhere and held on to.

AnakMisi Multipurpose Sanitiser is the hope of all parents that their children grow up healthy and definitely the priority concern of a mother.
The immunity of the little baby is weaker as several body functions are not yet fully developed, which causes their skin to be more sensitive and also prior to getting sick easily.

AnakMisi Multipurpose Sanitiser can improve the child’s immunity - Relieve symptoms of cold, cough and fever - Eliminate bloated stomach and pain - Soothes several skin problems like rashes, itchiness or eczema - Cooling and soothing of skin redness (especially insect bite) - Nourishing and moisturizing.

Anakmisi Health Care Series is Certified under QUEST 3+ Product License.

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AnakMisi Package SET (FREE 60ml AnakMisi Multipurpose Spray)

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